2 men arrested in Charlotte after woman killed in North Myrtle Beach

Nicolas Mciver, 20, was one of two men arrested Thursday in the shooting of Amanda Fisher last week.
Nicolas Mciver, 20, was one of two men arrested Thursday in the shooting of Amanda Fisher last week. Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office

Investigators say two men were arrested in connection with the shooting of a former Mount Holly resident in North Myrtle Beach Saturday, according to WBTV, the Observer’s news partner.

Amanda Renee Fisher, 29, was shot and killed Saturday around 11 a.m. in a North Myrtle Beach parking lot outside North Myrtle Beach K&W Cafeteria. Fisher was a key witness for the state in April in a 2012 Mecklenburg County killing.

From pictures on Fisher’s cell phone, police released photos of the two men, WBTV reports. These men were later identified as Nicolas Mciver, 20, and Terrell Freeman, 29.

Mciver and Freeman were arrested in Charlotte Wednesday afternoon.

According to North Myrtle Beach spokesman Patrick Dowling, Freeman was picked up for having violated parole on another matter. When he traveled to North Carolina, he violated that parole, WBTV reports.

Dowling said Mciver was picked up for having burned Fisher’s car and possessing a stolen motor vehicle, the news agency reports.

Both are being held in the Mecklenburg County jail, awaiting extradition to South Carolina on murder warrants.

In April, Fisher had begrudgingly testified in a murder trial. The defendant – and Fisher’s boyfriend – Deonte Lanier was on trial for first degree murder in the 2012 shooting death of Johnny Peay.

Fisher told the jury she didn’t want to be in the witness chair. She had abruptly moved to Myrtle Beach after being subpoenaed to testify against her boyfriend. The trial judge arrested and jailed Fisher to ensure she showed up in court.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, some of Fisher’s testimony during the trial contradicted the account she had given police in a phone conversation immediately following the killing. On the phone, she incriminated Lanier in Peay’s murder. On the stand she said she did not remember making the call or giving those details. The three-week trial ended in a hung jury.