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Fire captain resigns after confessing to stealing prescription drugs

A Charlotte fire captain has resigned after admitting that he stole a prescription drug from a home where firefighters had been summoned to help transport a medical patient, authorities said.

Capt. Chuck Morris resigned on Thursday, two days after the alleged theft, according to a statement from the Charlotte Fire Department. It was unclear Sunday whether he had been charged with a crime, although the statement says the police are investigating.

The fire department hasn’t given details on the call or what drug was taken. Morris was assigned to fire station 31, which responds to the Highland Creek and Mallard Creek areas of Charlotte. His annual salary was $77,419.68, according to city records. He couldn’t be reached for comment Sunday.

The alleged theft happened on Tuesday. Firefighters were called in to assist paramedics who were transporting a patient.

Afterward, paramedics received a phone call from a family member saying a prescription drug had gone missing. The fire department notified the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, and investigators took statements from all CFD responders. Drug- and lie-detector tests were scheduled for the following day.

On Wednesday, Morris confessed. He resigned in lieu of a termination, according to the statement.

“An event such as this diminishes our public trust and this is something we do not take lightly,” Fire Chief Jon Hannan said in the statement. “We hold our employees to a high standard and immediate action was taken following the investigation.”