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Second rape reported at Rock Hill party, teen arrested

A Rock Hill teenager was arrested Thursday, accused of raping a woman at a party last month where another victim also reported being raped.

Joseph Hayes, 19, was charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct, according to a report from the Rock Hill Police Department.

Hayes is accused in a sex assault that happened June 24 at a party at a home on Ebinport Road in Rock Hill where 15 to 20 people were “heavily drinking,” according to a police report.

The female victim told officers that she became heavily intoxicated, at which point Hayes and an unidentified man escorted her to the restroom upstairs. The report goes on to say that she later exited the room saying she had been raped.

Police Capt. Mark Bollinger said the incident happened at the same party and same night as the one where another Rock Hill teenager allegedly raped a woman. Tylik Simril, 17, was charged Tuesday with third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Hayes is accused in a second rape.

Other suspects are being sought.