CMS families speak more than 200 languages at home. Here are the top 10.

In a district where 25 percent of the students are Hispanic, it should come as no surprise that Spanish is the most common language other than English spoken in the homes of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools students.

In fact, 32,259 students come from homes where Spanish is spoken, accounting for more than 70 percent of all “language minority” students in CMS. The district is second to Wake County in overall size, but has by far the state’s largest number of students whose families come from other countries.

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Here are the other most common languages spoken in CMS homes, according to the 2018-19 tally:

Vietnamese, spoken by 1,147 students.

Arabic (a category that also includes Lebanese, Egyptian and Syrian), spoken by 829 students.

French, spoken by 805 students.

Telugu, a language spoken in several Indian states, spoken by 725 students.

Hindi, Indian or Urdu, spoken by 600 students.

Nepali, spoken by 527 students.

Russian, spoken by 515 students.

Chinese, spoken by 468 students.

Portuguese, spoken by 421 students.