Fight breaks out at Garinger High School


A fight broke out at Garinger High School Wednesday morning, according to officials.

The fight, consisting of all ninth graders, broke out around 10:40 a.m. during the school’s first lunch, officials say. Officials say the staff is reviewing video to identify those involved in the fight.

The school, located on Eastway Drive, was placed on a 20 minute lockdown.

The school’s principal released the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

“Good afternoon Garinger families. This is your principal, Kelly Gwaltney. Today on campus there was a disruption during one of the lunches. We did place the school in a lock down for approximately 20 minutes to ensure all students were in the correct classes. All lunches ran smoothly following the disruption and the transition to fourth period was excellent. I am proud of our staff and the overwhelming majority of our students that were on task and had a great day here at Garinger. Thank you for your support of Garinger High School.”

Our Dedrick Russell was told the students involved will be disciplined and will not be at school Thursday.

One parent emailed WBTV, saying their daughter was hit in the face by a security guard during the fight. Police are looking into the report.

Extra security was expected to be at the school Thursday.

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