4 Charlotte-area charter schools add new campuses

Langtree Charter Academy in Mooresville will add a high school about two miles from its current building.
Langtree Charter Academy in Mooresville will add a high school about two miles from its current building.

In another sign of the Charlotte-area charter school boom, four established schools have announced plans to open new campuses and add grade levels soon.

Langtree Charter Academy in Mooresville and Cabarrus Charter Academy in Concord, both part of the Charter Schools USA national chain, are adding high schools near their current elementary-middle school sites. Both opened in 2013 as part of the expansion that followed the state’s decision to lift a 100-school cap in 2011.

Both schools are admitting students through grade 10 for 2016-17, with juniors and seniors added in coming years. The Langtree upper school will be on a 20-acre site about 2 miles north of the current school. Cabarrus’ upper school is on 23 acres about 4 miles south of that school.

KIPP Charlotte, which opened as a middle school in 2007, is admitting kindergartners for 2016-17 as it launches an elementary school. K-4 will be housed at a new site about 3 miles from KIPP’s school in northeast Charlotte. It’s part of the national Knowledge Is Power Program chain, which is known for preparing low-income and minority students for college.

In 2017-18, Lake Norman Charter School in Huntersville will open an elementary school. Lake Norman was one of North Carolina’s first charter schools when it opened as a middle school in 1998, adding a high school in 2007. The elementary school, which will open with grades K-2, will be on Hambright Road, about 5 miles from the main campus.

Charter schools are public schools run by independent boards and authorized by the state. They are tuition free and can admit students across county lines. If there are more applicants than seats, charter schools hold admission lotteries.

North Carolina has 158 charter schools, with the largest concentration in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties.

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