Caldwell School school officials pull mock test that offended African American students

Caldwell County school officials said Thursday that a mock test that offended some students in an advanced psychology class will never be used again.

School system spokeswoman Libby Brown said a quiz called “The Chitling Test” was handed out Wednesday in a West Caldwell High School classroom. It was used in a segment of the psychology curriculum called “testing and individual differences.”

The mock test, which wasn’t graded, was more of an exercise and was followed by classroom discussion, Brown said.

The teacher’s choice of the name “The Chitling Test” and its content offended two African-American students, Brown said.

The school system is conducting an internal investigation of the teacher, the school spokeswoman said.

Brown said Superintendent Steve Stone feels the test was inappropriate and a poor choice.

On Thursday, Brown said Stone met with several parents, NAACP members and African-American clergy.

“For years, the school system has nurtured and developed a relationship with the community, and we want to continue that relationship,” said Brown. “We understand how some community members would be offended and insulted by the content and title of this test. We are sensitive to their concerns and are addressing this situation in all seriousness.”