Woman and Kaine the dog were ‘buddies.’ Her husband stepped out - and the dog attacked

Animal workers corral Kaine into a truck. He was later euthanized.
Animal workers corral Kaine into a truck. He was later euthanized. NBC 4 Broadcast/Screeshot

Robert Frazier had only been married to Angela Smith for two years, but they had been together for two decades, Fox 5 DC reported.

“I got tired of her being a girlfriend or a friend. I wanted her to be a lover, my permanent love,” Frazier said, according to WUSA.

The rest of their love story was cut brutally short Sunday night when Smith was mauled to death by their dog Kaine, whom they’d raised together from a puppy for the last eight years, the station reported.

Police said the 55-year-old woman was mauled to death in her home shortly before 6:30 p.m. Sunday by Kaine, who was described as a “large mixed-breed” dog, according to WTOP.

Frazier said it happened in minutes, after he stepped out of the house.

“I just left out the house. It was 15 minutes, and I come back, she was dead,” he said, according to NBC 4.

He said he went inside and found her lying on the ground, curled up with her arms to her chest, WUSA reported. In a video, Frazier fights back tears and raps his fist repeatedly against a trashcan as he struggles to speak about his wife.

“Last 20 years, that’s all I know is her,” he says in the video.

Frazier said he didn’t understand why the dog attacked Smith, but thought maybe Kaine had snapped after having something taken away.

“They was really buddies. What I’m thinking is, she might have taken some food, something like that, from him. And he’s really aggressive like that. Maybe, just maybe, I think he reacted that way,” he said, according to NBC 4.

Animal rescue officials came to collect the animal, and video from NBC 4 shows Kaine snarling and snapping at them as they try to lift him into a van. Eventually, the officials wrap a blanket around his hind legs and place him in the back of the vehicle.

“When we arrived on scene there was a lot going on,” Chris Schindler of the animal rescue service said, according to Fox 5 DC. “You know, the dog did exhibit behaviors that we needed to take those extra precautions.”

The dog was euthanized and police are still awaiting results of an autopsy to determine Smith’s official cause of death, WTOP reported.