Would-be burglar throws rock at window and runs away disappointed, Texas video shows

A would-be burglar grabbed a large rock and threw it at the window of a convenience store in Texas, video shows.

It didn’t work.

Killeen police say the suspect went to a convenience store on Sunday, Aug. 11, and tried to break in, according to a news release.

Video shows the attempted burglar wearing pajama pants and a green and beige hoodie first pull on the locked door and peer into the store shortly before 5 a.m. Then he lightly tapped the glass window before backing up to throw the rock, video shows.

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But when he threw the rock as hard as he could, it bounced off the window and landed on the sidewalk, video shows. The suspect looks at the window with obvious disappointment before running away.

He did it only once because the alarm was so loud,” Baaba Coleman-Selby, owner of the Royal Star Mart, told KWTX.

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Chacour Koop is a Real-Time reporter based in Kansas City. Previously, he reported for the Associated Press, Galveston County Daily News and Daily Herald in Chicago.