A man was hunting bear. Watch as a bear climbs into the stand with him.

Screen grab from video on 780outdoors' Facebook page

Davin Grunow was hunting bear in Bonnyville in Alberta, Canada, when suddenly he was no longer alone in his tree stand.

A black bear cub climbed the tree Grunow was perched in, and fellow hunter Mark White caught it on video.

The video, captured during a hunting excursion May 11, was posted to the 780outdoors Facebook page on May 15 and had been shared more than 32,000 times by the next day, with more than 6,300 reactions.

White said he and Grunow were out hunting black bears. But it's illegal to hunt sows (adult female bears) and cubs.

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This cub was chased up Grunow's tree by an aggressive boar (adult male bear), White said.

In the 54-second video, the cub scoots up the tree, seems to hesitate briefly when it sees Grunow, then continues up.

The curious cub takes a look around from his new vantage point, then gets curious about Grunow.

The bear cub leans toward Grunow and it looks like it may even have touched him.

White makes soft noises and snaps off camera to distract the bear from Grunow. The bear turns around almost immediately and looks directly at White and his camera.

The cub then quickly loses interest in Grunow and ambles slowly down the tree.

And this isn't the first time White has seen this happen. Just not quite this close.