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Quotes from the LGBT ordinance public hearing

If I identify as nocturnal, can I enter closed city parks at night to accommodate my lifestyle?

Colby Foster,

of Charlotte, opposed to the changes.

Discrimination is discrimination ... I’m a transgender woman, not a sexual predator.

Roberta Dunn,

of Mooresville, a supporter.

It’s like trying to say two plus two equals oatmeal.

Robert Gladstone,

of Concord, an opponent of the changes who said nonstandard gender identities don’t make sense.

I am here to make sure that my child, who I love more than life itself, will be protected.

Barbara Green,

of Charlotte, parent of a transgender person, in support of ordinance.

The kind of disregard and disrespect for each other was horrifying to me.

Leon Threatt,

of Matthews, an opponent of the measure who asked for more civility on both sides.

There’s two places to go to. One is to hell, one is to heaven. To get to hell, just keep doing what you’re doing.

Richard Pope,

of Charlotte

The sex you’re born with is between your legs, but gender is between your ears ... Please pass these changes.”

Sam Spencer,

of Davidson

People of faith often carry out their businesses as a fundamental issue of faith, who they are.

Rev. Nathan Atwood,

of Charlotte, an opponent of the ordinance.

You’ve heard a lot of fearful rhetoric from a small but vocal group of opponents.

Scott Bishop,

of Charlotte, supporter of ordinance.

When you go in, there there are elderly women breasts ablazing.

Kristen McCora,

of Charlotte, an opponent talking about the issue of exposed anatomy in locker rooms.

No matter how stupid some people here think you are, we are not talking about bathrooms.

John Harnters,

of Charlotte, an ordinance supporter.

Consider the trauma a 5-year-old girl’s going to have when she’s exposed to a man’s genitalia.

Gabriel Rogers,

of Charlotte, an opponent of the changes.

This is not a hypocritical debate. I have experienced discrimination because of my sexuality.

Edward Garrett,

of Charlotte, an ordinance supporter who said discrimination is real.

We do not have cases of rampant hate crime.”

James Walker,

of Charlotte, an opponent of the ordinance.

Our beliefs cannot be used to restrict or remove the protections of those we do not agree with.

Bishop Tony Rawls,

of Charlotte, a supporter of the ordinance.

You are participating right now in evil, Mr. Hagemann. The Lord’s eyes are upon you.

Tom Barry,

of Concord, an opponent of the ordinance speaking to City Attorney Bob Hagemann.

Gay and transgender people are people. We are part of ‘We the people’ in the Constitution.

Connie Vetter,

of Charlotte, an opponent supporter.

Will Muslim-owned bakeries be forced to bake cakes for sex change celebrations?

Thomas Dellinger,

of Charlotte, an opponent of the ordinance.