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UNCC chancellor pushes for state money

UNCC Chancellor Philip Dubois
UNCC Chancellor Philip Dubois

UNC Charlotte Chancellor Phil Dubois said Wednesday he’s optimistic after talking to lawmakers about the need for a new science building at the school.

The House budget would authorize $90 million in so-called two-thirds bonds to build a new science building on campus. It still needs approval by the Senate and the governor.

“I’m just gratified that the need for the science building seems widely recognized, and how important the building is to the future of the campus,” Dubois said. “There seems to be pretty significant recognition that the university in general and UNC Charlotte in particular needs support.”

Gov. Pat McCrory included $60 million for the building in his own proposed bond referendum. In April he toured the school’s existing overcrowded and outdated science building. Dubois said half of the school’s students who have declared majors are in fields such as science and technology that would benefit from a new building.

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