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What was up with that giant golden-haired chicken during Trump’s visit?

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As the president was escorted to Central Piedmont Community College’s Harris Conference Center on Friday, he passed a crowd of people waving signs and chanting.

President Donald Trump also passed by a giant inflatable chicken with golden hair fashioned to look like his own.

The chicken, commonly known on the Internet as the “Trump Chicken,” first entered the social media lexicon in 2017 during a nationwide “Tax March.” The march was aimed at pressuring Trump to release his income taxes, and the chicken became the demonstration’s unofficial mascot to mock the president, according to the New York Times.

The chicken went viral again a few months later when protestors placed it behind the White House. The prop has since been spotted in other cities, like Charlottesville, Va., and San Francisco.

Scott Huffman, director of activist group Indivisible Charlotte, brought the prop to the Queen City last year after it went viral.

“We have put that sucker all over Charlotte,” Huffman said.

The group raised $650 for the inflatable Trump Chicken, and has used it in various protests, including outside of Bank of America in uptown Charlotte.

On Friday, the chicken stood out among a crowd of about 30 people — both supporters and protestors — who waited along Trump’s motorcade route.

Supporters cheered and waved at the president. Protestors, mocking the president’s ongoing feud with the NFL, knelt when the motorcade passed and chanted “lock him up.”

For Huffman, the chicken adds humor to the protests, but he wants to ensure that people transfer their protest energy to the polls in November.

“Every two years, we have the opportunity to tweak our government. For that matter, every year: local, county, state, and federal,” he said. “It’s your civic duty, your responsibility to vote and invest in your government.”