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Here’s why an anti-amendment group pulled a ‘misleading’ TV ad

Ad from “Stop Deceptive Amendments”
Ad from “Stop Deceptive Amendments” "Stop Deceptive Amendments"

A group opposed to North Carolina’s six proposed constitutional amendments has changed an ad after a former governor called it misleading.

The group, called Stop Deceptive Amendments, is opposing all the amendments on the November ballot. Spokesman Justin Guillory said it’s spending $2 million over three weeks on TV ads in the Charlotte, Raleigh and Greensboro markets.

The original ad cited no particular amendment and instead urged voters to oppose “misleading” amendments. It included pictures of five former governors and six former Supreme Court chief justices of both parties. They had publicly opposed two amendments, each dealing with the governor’s appointment powers.

Former Gov. Pat McCrory, a Republican, said the ad implied that the governors oppose all the amendments. He called it “a deceptive ad to try to trick the voters and it’s shameful.”

The new version of the ad says, “Take a closer look at two amendments that Raleigh lawmakers put on the ballot this fall.” Words on the screen specify the two amendments, one regarding filling judicial vacancies and the other about appointments to a new state elections board.

“We stood behind the original ad,” Guillory said. “(But) we didn’t want any distractions.”

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