NC Senate District 39: Dan Bishop faces Lloyd Scher

Dan Bishop, Republican

Education: BS Bus Admin 86, JD 90, UNC.

Professional experience: Attorney.

Previous public offices: County Commissioner, NC House 104.

Family: Jo (wife 18 yrs). Jack (son 16).

Website: www.votedanbishop.com.

Would you support efforts to repeal HB2? No.

Would you support measures to transfer tax revenue from urban to rural counties? No.

Would you consider raising taxes for education? False choice. I would rank it as highest spending priority, so question is whether to raise taxes for lowest priority. Answer to that is no.

Would you support further tax cuts? Yes

What would you do to improve Mecklenburg County relationship with Raleigh? Mecklenburg County’s relationship with Raleigh is fine. I will work for election of City officials who have Charlotte’s best interest at heart and hope for a more truthful, balanced media.

Lloyd Scher, Democrat

Education: UNC Chapel Hill (BA Political Science & Sociology), Miami Dade Junior College (AA Industrial Relations), Central Piedmont Community College (Computers and Sign Language) Myers Park High School.

Professional experience: Founder, president of Video Taping Services Inc. 1978-2001, East Carolina Bank (marking director, 2002-2004), N.C. Commerce Department Public Relations Office 2001-2002.

Previous public offices: Mecklenburg County Commissioner, 1992 to 2000; Mecklenburg County ABC Board of Directors, 2014-present; Charlotte Mecklenburg Zoning Board of Adjustment, 2012-2016.

Family: Foster children & Brothers in the area the rest of my family is in Huntington, NY.

Website: www.scher4ncsenate.com

Would you support efforts to repeal HB2? YES! Charlotte has a population just short of one million, but astonishingly, because of Dan Bishop’s handiwork on HB2, it is now illegal for the city to make laws to protect its citizens from discrimination. That’s not the only damage the bill has done: It also prevents Charlotte elected officials from establishing a minimum wage that’s appropriate for our community.

The cost to our business community has been hard hitting. As president of a Small Business, which did thousands of dollars work for the previous NBA All-Star weekend in Charlotte. I understand what this bill has cost small businesses, waiters, bartenders, restaurants along with our hotel, motel companies. There will be a shortfall of tax revenue because not only are we losing major events but we are also losing jobs and future jobs. HB2 should never have been passed and signed by our governor.

Would you support measures to transfer tax revenue from urban to rural counties? NO! In many cases the urban counties provide jobs to citizens who live outside the area. But it still requires the urban area to pay for roads, ambulance, police, fire, medical and other governmental services to these individuals.

Would you consider raising taxes for education? YES! Education should be our top priority. We ask teachers to teach our children and then do not give them the money or items they need to teach our kids.

Would you support further tax cuts? I will not support tax decreases or increases at this time. I have learned during my time as a Mecklenburg County Commissioner emergencies come up. These emergencies could have an effect on our taxes. The cost to repair hurricanes Floyd, Debbie, Hugo and other natural disasters like flooding and winter storms can throw a budget out of control.

Anyone that promises no new taxes in November before seeing our budget and the state’s income is doing nothing but pandering to the voters. I have seen the effects of saying no to taxes that when disaster hits it costs more money than planned.

Hugo caused $7 billion in damage in the U.S. mainland, making it the costliest hurricane at the time. When adjusted for inflation, it currently ranks as the ninth most costly hurricane in U.S. history, causing almost $13 billion in damage. That includes the damage done in Charlotte.

The current General Assembly is taking funds from the emergency account and using it for lawsuits, which is known as a bait and switch.

I do not believe that it is appropriate to make a claim on tax revenue in November when you do not know the budget available.

Finally I would support a complete study about taxing programs and how the funds are collected.”

What would you do to improve Mecklenburg County relationship with Raleigh? To begin with talk to my fellow senators no matter what political party. For too long there are no discussions going on between the political parties. HB2 is an excellent example. When HB2 was written by Dan Bishop he never talked with Democrats to get a different perspective.

I would create an understanding of what Mecklenburg County provides to the surrounding communities. Offer to bring them to Charlotte for a weekend to meet the citizens (not just the businesses and elected leaders) of the area and to see some of our sites. Work with the business community to help change the Mecklenburg perception with the Raleigh leaders.