20 questions with US Senate candidate Richard Burr

1. My favorite (movie, TV show or book) about politics is:

“I don’t have any favorites. Politics isn’t fun. (Pause) What’s the one on Netflix that I watch? ‘House of Cards’? That’d probably be it.”

2. My biggest pet peeve is:

“(When) people criticize me about not wearing socks. (Plus), I hate to be tardy.”

3. On my first date with my spouse, we:

“Went to the beach.” (It was 40 years ago – he was 21.)

4. My favorite U.S. Supreme Court justice is:

“(The late Antonin) Scalia.”

5. My career goal at age 11 was:

“Professional athlete.”

6. The last book I read was:

“Lone Survivor,” by Marcus Luttrell. (The full title is “Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10.”)

7. The public event or person who has shaped my political philosophy the most was:

“(Ronald) Reagan.”

8. My proudest accomplishment as a public official has been:

“Probably the passing of the ABLE Act. ... I think that’s what (government) is for.” (The ABLE Act, passed in 2014, amends the IRS code to create tax-free savings accounts for individuals with disabilities.)

9. A vote I wish I could take back is:

“I’m not sure there’s one I’d take back.”

10. A foreign leader I really admire is:

“The King of Jordan. King Abdullah. He’s been thrown everything. He manages to hang on.”

11. If I could travel across the country with any person in history, it would be:

“Teddy Roosevelt. Because he had a love of the land. And that’s what most Americans don’t realize about this country – the geographical diversity. You can go someplace in the United States and see (among) the most beautiful places ... in the world.”

12. My nickname is/was:

“Burrhead” (back when he was young and his hair was long).

13. Multiple choice: The mountains or the beach?

“The beach because of my wife.”

14. My favorite song is:

“I’m an odd one. I listen to anything country and anything classical. Two great extremes. When I’m really in the car, I’ll cut on Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons.’ That’s probably the thing that’s soothing to me the most.”

15. On an ideal Saturday, I would:

“Work around the house.”

16. If I could watch only one hour of TV every week, it would be:

“Bret Baier’s show on Fox (News).”

17. My spouse and children think I’m too:

“I’d say thrifty.”

18. My least favorite thing about holding public office is:

“That my job is in Washington.”

19. The one thing that helps me get through long campaign days is:

“What keeps me going is the interaction with the people I’m going to see at the next stop.”

20. The one thing my opponent has said about me that has really bothered me is:

“The fact that she has insinuated that I’ve gone to Washington and only looked after myself. For anybody who knows me, they know that is 100 percent crap.”

Richard Burr

Age: 60.

Hometown: Born in Charlottesville, Va., grew up in Winston-Salem.

Education: B.A., Wake Forest University, 1978.

Professional experience: National sales manager for Carswell Distributing, 1978-94.

Political resume: U.S. House, 1995-2005; U.S. Senate, 2005-present.

Family: Wife Brooke, a real estate agent, and two adult sons, Tyler and William.

Religious affiliation: United Methodist.

Burr factoids: The son of a Presbyterian minister, Burr played football at Reynolds High School and Wake Forest University. He’s a distant relative of Vice President Aaron Burr, who shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel. And Sen. Burr doesn’t usually wear socks. “I just grew up that way,” he says.

Website: burrforsenate.com