20 questions with US Senate candidate Deborah Ross


1. My favorite (movie, TV show or book) about politics is:

“The American President.”

2. My biggest pet peeve is:


3. On my first date with my spouse, we:

“We went to Margaux’s” (a North Raleigh restaurant that’s still in business today)

4. My favorite U.S. Supreme Court justice is:

“Sandra Day O’Connor”

5. My career goal at age 11 was:

“To be a doctor.”

6. The last book I read was:

“ ‘Bookends’ by Patricia Ferguson, a former county commissioner in Bertie County, about poverty.”

7. The public event or person who has shaped my political philosophy the most was:

“Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech.”

8. My proudest accomplishment as a public official has been:

“I have a lot of proud accomplishments as a public official. One of them was the comprehensive ethics reform that we did in the wake of Jim Black (the House speaker convicted of corruption). That was a pretty big deal. Also comprehensive domestic violence reform and the Museum of Natural Sciences (expansion).”

9. A vote I wish I could take back is:

“Well, I’m going to stand on my record.”

10. A foreign leader I really admire is:

“There are a lot – Aung San Suu Kyi (of Myanmar) and (German chancellor) Angela Merkel.”

11. If I could travel across the country with any person in history, it would be:

“Abraham Lincoln.”

12. My nickname is/was:

“My nickname is Deb for people who really know me. But the only real nickname I’ve ever had was my dad used to call me Ace.”

13. Multiple choice: The mountains or the beach?

“I like the beach better.”

14. My favorite song is:

“I have a lot of favorite songs. One of them is Lyle Lovett’s version of ‘If I Needed You.’ ”

15. On an ideal Saturday, I would:

“Take a long walk, go to the farmers market, have lunch with friends, go to the movies with my husband.”

16. If I could watch only one hour of TV every week, it would be:

“I’m kind of boring – I like to watch the Newshour on Friday nights.”

17. My spouse and children think I’m too:

“Too much of a perfectionist, especially when it comes to him leaving things strewn around the house. He’s messy and I’m neat.”

18. My least favorite thing about holding public office is:

“You don’t have control over your schedule.”

19. The one thing that helps me get through long campaign days is:

“People – I always have energy for people. So if it’s an event that involves interacting with people, I’m always going to find it.”

20. The one thing my opponent has said about me that has really bothered me is:

“That the people of North Carolina don’t value the Constitution.”

Deborah Ross

Age: 53.

Education: Law degree from UNC-Chapel Hill; bachelor’s degree in international relations from Brown University.

Professional experience: General counsel for regional transit agency GoTriangle, 2013-2015; former state director, American Civil Liberties Union.

Political resume: N.C. House of Representatives, 2003-2013.

Family: Married to Steve Wrinn, no children.

Religious affiliation: Christian.

Ross factoids: The daughter of an Air Force doctor and a preschool teacher, Ross left a corporate law job to join the ACLU in 1994. In the legislature, she often partnered with a political opposite – staunch social conservative Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam – to develop bipartisan bills.

Website: deborahross.com.