How many times have Clinton and Trump been to North Carolina? Here’s your answer.

AFP/Getty Images

With North Carolina a key swing state, it seems as though we can’t go a week without one of the presidential candidates visiting.

That’s because we can’t.

Since June, Democrat Hillary Clinton has visited the state 10 times. (She stopped in two cities – Raleigh and Charlotte – on Oct. 23 and Raleigh and the Greenville area Thursday.)

And Republican Donald Trump has visited the state 12 times as of Saturday. (On three of those visits, he stopped in two cities on the same day so he’s covered more ground.)

Clinton and Trump have made five stops each in Charlotte. Next on the list: the Triangle. Clinton has been there four times, and Trump’s been there only once (though he has had other stops nearby). Trump has another rally in Raleigh on Monday.

Since Sept. 6, the state has only had one week when neither candidate visited – the week of Sept. 18, when violent protests erupted after the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott.

Here’s a rundown on where they’ve been by date:

June 22

Hillary Clinton economic rally in Raleigh.

July 5

▪ Hillary Clinton Charlotte rally with President Barack Obama.

▪ Donald Trump rally in Raleigh.

July 25

▪ Donald Trump rally in Winston-Salem.

▪ Hillary Clinton VFW speech and supporter event in Charlotte.

July 26

Donald Trump VFW speech in Charlotte.

Aug. 9

Donald Trump rallies in Wilmington and Fayetteville.

Aug. 18

Donald Trump rally in Charlotte.

Sept. 6

Donald Trump rally in Greenville.

Sept. 8

Hillary Clinton Charlotte rally at Johnson C. Smith University.

Sept. 12

Donald Trump rally in Asheville.

Sept. 15

Hillary Clinton at UNC Greensboro.

Sept. 27

Hillary Clinton rally at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh.

Oct. 2

Hillary Clinton at Charlotte Little Rock AME service.

Oct. 14

Donald Trump rally in Charlotte.

Oct. 21

Donald Trump rally in Fletcher.

Oct. 23

Hillary Clinton rally at St. Augustine in Raleigh and at UNC Charlotte.

Oct. 26

Donald Trump rallies in Charlotte and Kinston

Oct. 27

Hillary Clinton rally with Michelle Obama in Winston-Salem.

Nov. 3

▪ Hillary Clinton rally in the Raleigh and Winterville.

▪ Donald Tramp rallies in Concord and Johnston County.

Nov. 5

Donald Trump rally in Wilmington.