Charlotte city council at-large: Claire Green Fallon on the issues

Name: Claire Green Fallon

What office are you running for? City Council at-large

Party: Democrat

Neighborhood: University

Political Experience: Planning Commissioner , Chair of Public Safety, Vice -Chair Environmental Committee,Vice Chair, GOV. Relations, Housing Trust, Mayors Mentoring , Committee OF 21,Ecomomic and Global Committee

Family: 3 Daughters and 1 Son , 4 grandchildren, 2 who live in Charlotte with my Daughter and Son in law

Work Experience: Founded and ran a Montessori School for 26 years

Campaign contact: Greg Amick - gamick35@att.net - 704-281-1455; Facebook: Claire Fallon City Council at large, Claire fallon

1) Why are you running for office?

to continue to make policy changes for the people of this cities communities

2) What would be your top priorities if elected?

Affordable housing, after school programs ,public safety needs,ie Fire dept Ladder companies North and South Police Commands

3) Would you support the city's proposed expansion of its non-discrimination ordinance to include the LGBT community, including a provision that would allow transgender residents to use the bathroom of their choice?


4) Do you support the N.C. DOT's plans to add express toll lanes to Interstate 485 in south Charlotte and U.S. 74? Or would you prefer to widen the highways with general-purpose free lanes?

Yes , if costs to drivers were reasonable

5) Would you support spending hospitality tax dollars to renovate or rebuild the county owned Memorial Stadium in hopes of the city winning a Major League Soccer franchise?

if the County shares in the cost.

6) Would you support an increase in the general sales tax to support more transit projects, such as additional miles of streetcar and a commuter train to Lake Norman?


7) There has been a significant amount of redevelopment in neighbors close to uptown, with older, sometimes historic buildings being demolished for new apartments. Would you support more restrictions on tear-downs?

Yes according to Importance of the building

8) A goal of the city is to increase affordable housing. In some instances, however, the City Council is asked to approve rezoning requests for low-income apartments, even when an area plan says single-family homes should be built on a site. Should the council follow the area plan recommendations or approve multi-family projects to increase affordability?

As I have served on the council I have seen many variances given, on a case by case request I would probably vote to approve.

9) Should the city change its guidelines for offering Business Investment Grants for companies considering expanding or relocating to Charlotte?

I would have to know what the changes were before a decision

10) What makes you the best candidate?

Experience and caring and a lack of an personal agenda, but the wish to serve this city and its communities AS i have proved with my voting record.

11) What else should voters know about you?

I believe in fairness to all people. I am a board member of Greater Enrichment After School program, I tithe it and have raised a large sum of money for it. I believe it is only chance so many children have and I will continue to advocate funding it.