The North Carolina Influencer Series

We asked your advice for the winning candidates. Here are the solutions you offered.

For our final survey, we asked the 60 NC Influencers to tell us what advice they would have for those taking office after the election. We also wanted to know what readers thought, so using the Your Voice tool, we asked:

“What advice would you offer to the people taking office in North Carolina after the Nov. 6 election? What issues should they focus on?”

Here are some of the readers’ responses:

“Relearn the art of compromise.” -Carroll

“NC is a purple state. Please represent all of us by taking moderate stances and being courageous enough to compromise and work together.” -Katherine

“Can we build a strong bridge over the divide and fill in the valley with moderation?” -Richard

“How are they going to pay for all the upgrades, like teacher pay, health care, Hurricane Florence repairs, road repairs etc?” -J. Luke

“Reduce spending and taxes. Reform the criminal justice system. Reduce government’s influence/impact on people’s lives.” -Roger

“Be truthful. We are weary of being lied to and distrusting our elected officials.” -Henry

“End gerrymandering to save democracy.” -Richard

“Prevent further encroachment by the Republican legislature on the power of the governor. Put a progressive tax structure back in place.” -David

“Bring NC teacher pay and other educational support up to the Top 5 in the US.” -Robert

“Restore the balance between the governor and the legislature.” -Gary

“Don’t speak. Listen.” -Larry

“The No. 1 thing is to focus on unity and start a healing process of non-partisanship. Also heal the relationship with the press.” -John

“Fix the gerrymandering so we can have true representation.” -Geoff

“Focus on issues that are going to help your constituents, like Medicare for All and a $15 minimum wage. Stop with the useless platitudes.” -Michelle

“Focus on resolving the problem of food insecurity in our state. Extend the available services to ensure everyone has access to healthy food.” -Kathe

“Take back control of the UNC System from the sports boosters.” -Marcus

“As representatives, they should listen to and act upon the wishes of those whom they represent, rather than bow to the wishes of their party.” -Carolyn

“Reach out to your opposition to jointly address our state and country’s problems: public education, health care, infrastructure, etc.” -Mike

“Look beyond yourself to all North Carolinians, present and future.” -Bruce

“Make government more representative. Use government boundaries for redistricting. Restore UNC Board of Governors to educators and not politicians.” -Charles

“Listen to your constituents, pay less attention to party politics. Work with all other elected officials to reach workable compromises.” - Vicki

“Fund education. Eliminate gerrymandering by establishing an independent redistricting commission.” -Beverly

“Prioritize the long term health of state/nation: Infrastructure, national debt, excess military spending & run away health care costs.” -John

“Redraw election districts to eliminate gerrymandering, protecting our environment.” -William

“What will you do in office to bring people with geographic, economic, racial and political differences together?” -Theo

“Affordable housing and climate change impact all of us. Even if we’re comfortable in our homes, we cannot neglect those who suffer.” -Gail

“Focus on Medicaid expansion, raising the state minimum wage, creating (an) independent redistricting commission, increase education funds.” -Margaretha

“Advance the capabilities to prepare the state and local governments for natural disasters, to protect individuals from natural disasters.” -Bruce

“Figure out a way to translate campaign promise of bipartisan behavior into bipartisan action, particularly when it comes to teacher pay.” -Henry

“Open Dorothea Dix Hospital again. Wake County doesn’t have enough beds for mental health patients. We have enough parks.” -Lisa

“Please implement policies that encourage kindness and respect for the needs of those of us living in our state. Discourage the use of hate.” - Marla

“Working and communicating across political party lines. Listen to and work for the people you represent not the political party bosses. “ -Carl

“Listen to all citizens and represent their interests. Do what is best for all citizens and not a specific few. Be willing to compromise.” -Bunny

“Be willing to do to work with the people on the other side of the aisle to create bipartisan, positive results for everybody.” -Bobby

“N.C. must invest in people: PreK-12, community college, health care, and in the future: public transit, non-fossil fuel electricity.” -Robert

“Pre-existing conditions MUST be covered!” -Lynne

“Read from the Psalms, Proverbs, and the New Testament daily. Go to church or temple weekly to allow God and His people to speak to you.” -Jill

“Work together for the people and not the lobbyists or corporate donors or party PACs. Focus on real issues, not contrived power matters.” -Terry

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