North Carolina

Another tropical ‘disturbance’ for the Carolinas? More rain is coming this week

More rain is in the forecast for the Carolina coast even as flooding still hits communities around Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. A tropical disturbance, which the National Weather Service says formed from the remnants of Hurricane Florence, could bring more rain to the area as it loops back around towards the region.

Forecaster Steve Pfaff with the National Weather Service in Wilmington said Monday that two separate weather systems could bring an inch or more of rain this week to areas already hit hard by flooding along the Carolina coast.

“Disturbance 1” as the National Hurricane Center calls it, has a 30 percent chance of forming into a tropical depression in the next two days, and that chance increases to 40 percent over five days.

If it does continue to develop, Pfaff said, “It looks like the bulk of the rainfall would stay off shore.”

A tropical disturbance could bring more rain to the Carolinas this week. National Hurricane Center

He said the coastal areas around Wilmington could see less than half an inch of rain Tuesday. Later in the week coastal areas could see another three-quarters of an inch of rain and up to an inch inland in South Carolina’s Pee Dee region and into North Carolina, Pfaff said.

“We can handle getting that,” he said, looking at the flood forecast for the region.

He said this tropical system came off the tail end of the front that pushed Hurricane Florence off the coast and “started rotation back.”

“It’s not unusual this time of year,” Pfaff explained.

Communities from Georgetown, South Carolina up to Wilmington, North Carolina are still dealing with the floodwater left behind after Hurricane Florence dumped up to more than two feet of rain in some areas.