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What states have the worst schools for teachers? Bad news for North and South Carolina

Ranking the school systems for teachers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, a new study put North Carolina at 49th. South Carolina fared a little better, coming in at 45th in the Wallet Hub study.

The study, released Monday, ranked the schools in each state based on a number of factors, including salaries, student-teacher ratios and spending per student.

New York, Connecticut and Minnesota are the top three states for teachers, according to the study. On the other end of the spectrum, Hawaii came out the worst, followed by Arizona and North Carolina, based on teacher opportunities, work environment and academics.

Wallet Hub sites statistics from the National Education Association, noting that about 20 percent of teachers will leave the profession before the end of their first year. Almost half of all teachers will leave within their first five years on the job, according to the NEA.

Wallet Hub states in the study: “In some states, however, teachers are more fairly paid and treated than in others. Those states are less likely to face a revolving door of teacher turnover.” The website says the study is meant to help teachers find the best places to work.

North Carolina ranked 49th overall. On the two main categories Wallet Hub ranked each state by, North Carolina was 47th for teacher opportunity and competition and 43rd for academic and work environment.

Wallet Hub notes it used 22 different factors in ranking the schools.

Source: WalletHub

South Carolina came in 49th for academic and work environment, but did better for teacher opportunity and competition, coming in 37th.

In other findings, Wallet Hub says the best salaries, adjusted for cost of living, are in Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Hawaii has the worst pay for teachers when adjusted for cost of living.

The lowest teacher turnover is in Kentucky, Montana and Missouri, according to the study. The District of Columbia has the highest turnover, according to Wallet Hub.

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