North Carolina

What happens when you drive a sports car on an Outer Banks beach? Nothing good

In a scenario that is not entirely uncommon on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, someone drove a sports car out on the beach and got stuck in the sand this week.

Jes Gray, owner of Sal’s NY Pizza in Kill Devil Hills, told McClatchy she was driving down the beach south of Nags Head when she saw what appeared to be a Dodge Viper stuck in the sand Wednesday. “We came around the corner and we thought, ‘Oh, that’s not a good idea.’ ”

“He was still making slight progress,” she said, but “then he hit it into reverse.” She described a shower of sand around the car as it sank down to its wheel wells in the loose sand.

She posted the photos to the Oregon Inlet Idiots Facebook page, which nominates a winner from its photos each year, according to the page. Last year, Gray said, it was a Maserati stuck in the sand.

The Viper was not too far from where a tractor trailer got stuck in the sand on the Outer Banks, led astray by a GPS that did not know the road would end in the beach, The Charlotte Observer reported over the summer.

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