North Carolina

Strangers drag woman from wrecked car just before it burst into flames, NC drivers say

A nurse was driving on a North Carolina highway when he saw smoke rising into the air, media outlets report.

Jeff Johnson realized the clouds were coming from a car crash and immediately pulled on the side of the road last week, according to WGHP.

He crossed the median and saw a woman’s hands sticking out of the burning car, the Winston-Salem Journal reports.

Time to rescue her was running out, as flames started spreading quickly, WGHP reports.

But Johnson wasn’t alone — Robert Lawson and two other strangers had gathered next to the car, according to WGHP.

“It took every bit of four people to help remove her from the vehicle,” Johnson told WFMY, adding the rescue happened about 30 seconds before flames completely took over the car.

The woman was taken to a hospital after the ordeal, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. Seven other people were also injured in the crash, the Journal reports.

In all, the wreck involved “more than a half a dozen vehicles” and closed down part of U.S. Highway 52 South, according to WGHP and the Winston-Salem Fire Department.

Firefighters on Twitter posted a video of crews battling flames in the middle of the road.

Johnson says he has seen trauma in the emergency room and knew he had to help out that day, WFMY reports.

“I think I would’ve been eternally haunted if I didn’t stop and do something, and just pass by,” Johnson told the station.