North Carolina

Climber who fell from mountain had to wait for rescuers to reach her, NC officials say

It took rescuers about an hour to reach a woman who fell down a North Carolina mountain while rock climbing Tuesday, the Gastonia Fire Department said.

The woman was climbing Crowders Mountain when she fell about 15 feet, the fire department said in a news release.

She fell in the area near David’s Castle, while mountain climbing with another person, according to the release. That is in the north end of the mountain, creating a challenge for rescuers, who said they were called about the fall just after noon.

About 20 emergency responders had to battle close to a mile of tough terrain to get to the fallen hiker, after climbing a portion of Crowders Mountain, the fire department said.

When rescuers reached the woman, they were able to take her down the mountain and to an area hospital, according to the news release.

The fire department said the mountain climber suffered non-life-threatening injuries, but no other information on her condition was available.

No other injuries were reported by the rescuers.

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