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Scammer tries to get cash for fake sexting warrant. Problem is, he called NC police

Outstanding arrest warrants don’t work like indulgences in the Middle Ages.

At least, that’s what police in North Carolina want residents to know after a scammer rang the precinct looking for money to cover an outstanding warrant for sexting.

“Folks, this is not how police do business,” the Knightdale Police Department said in a Facebook post Thursday. “We would never let you pay your way out of a charge.”

Officers in Knightdale, a town about 12 miles east of Raleigh, said they received a call Thursday afternoon from someone claiming to be one of the department’s officers — the caller ID even showed “Police Department.”

Knightdale Police told McClatchy newsgroup Friday that they weren’t sure whether it was a man or woman on the phone but, according to the Facebook post, the person claimed there was an outstanding warrant for sexting against the call taker.

Sexting is against the law under certain circumstances, according to legal experts. But there’s no outstanding warrant against the Knightdale Police Department for it.

The caller then reportedly offered “to allow the warrant to be paid off instead of being served,” the Facebook post states.

A representative from the department said they didn’t know how the call taker responded and there is no recording of the call.

But police are warning residents to be vigilant.

“Bad guys do research. They can look at our website and see who our officers are. They spoof our phone number so the call looks like it is originating from us,” officers said in the Facebook post. “If something sounds fishy, it probably is. Don’t fall for this malarkey.”

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