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Someone wearing a TV mask is putting dozens of old TVs on Virginia porches, video shows

Someone waltzed up the front steps of more than 50 homes in a Virginia neighborhood over the weekend with a bizarre purpose and a rather realistic television set mask covering their face.

Doorbell footage caught the culprit in action, video obtained by McClatchy news group shows.

“He wants to be known as the TV Santa Claus, I don’t know,” resident and television recipient Jim Brooksbank told WTVR.

Brooksbank was one of dozens of residents in Glen Allen, Virginia, who woke up Sunday morning with a vintage television set — in his case, a 13-inch tube-style TV — perched dubiously on their front porches, WTVR reported.

And it’s not the first time: A strikingly similar incident occurred around the same time last year with a few less television sets, according to a WTVR story from August 2018.

Residents this go-around are equally perplexed.

“It’s the weirdest thing,” Adrain Garner told WWBT, describing the scene that played out on his doorbell surveillance camera. “He squats down, puts the TV there and walks off.”

The man is clad in dark clothing “with a TV for a head,” Garner said, questioning whether it was an unexpected delivery, the outlet reported.

“My first reaction was, ‘Did we order this?’” he said, according to WWBT./ “Not in an Amazon box, it was just kind of strange.”

Police and county workers hauled the old units away Sunday morning, WPVI-TV reported. The only crime committed was illegal dumping, authorities told the media outlet.

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