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Here’s how you can help 51 dogs seized from a North Carolina home

More than 50 dogs were seized from a home in North Carolina, and a shelter needs help taking care of them.

Madison County Animal Services recently took in the 51 dogs from a home in the Spring Creek Community, the shelter said in a release on Thursday, and they are in a temporary shelter where they’re receiving veterinary care.

Most of the dogs are generally healthy and will be available for adoption in the coming weeks, the release says.

But now the shelter needs things to help take care of them and is asking for donations.

Animal services posted on Facebook asking for the following items:

Paper towels

Trash bags




Clorox wipes

Dog food


“There will be more needs but these are our immediate needs,” animal services wrote.

Donations can be dropped off at the Madison County fairgrounds agriculture building or sent to the shelter at 389 Long Branch Rd, Marshall, NC 28753, the shelter says.

They’re also looking for volunteers that have experience with “fearful dogs.” Those interested can sign up online.

Animal services is working with other groups to find the dogs long-term shelter, the release says.

People who live in the Spring Creek area who have had dogs go missing in the past few years should call animal services at (828) 649-3190 as there’s a chance the homeowners picked them up to try to take care of them, the release says.

“Shelter staff will work to reunite any owners with their pets, if appropriate identification is made,” the shelter said in the release.

Madison County is in western North Carolina, about 144 miles from Charlotte.

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