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Grandma planning to ‘fall on my heinie’ spinning prize wheel wins big in NC lottery

A North Carolina grandma flexed her muscles on the way to a $350,000 jackpot.

The big win came after Julia Earp stepped up to a NC Education Lottery prize wheel on Tuesday, video shows.

“My plan was to spin the wheel so hard that I’d fall on my heinie,” Earp said, according to a lottery news release.

Footage from the lucky day shows the grandmother thrusting the colorful “Price is Right”-style wheel, causing it to rotate around and around.

And when the wheel stopped on the $350,000 mark, Earp started celebrating amid cheers and a downpour of confetti, according to the video.

“I figured no matter what I won, I’d be tickled with what I got,” Earp said in the news release. “I came out with more than I had when I came in, so this is amazing!”

It was all part of the NC Education Lottery’s first Big Spin prize wheel event, which was held in Raleigh.

Officials say Earp’s journey started when she bought a $5 scratch-off ticket for the game at a Circle K convenience store on Oleander Drive in Wilmington, a city near the North Carolina coast.

The Big Spin game, which started this month, has three components, according to the NC Education Lottery.

“Players can win a cash prize instantly, or get directed to a website where they can spin a digital wheel and win a cash prize or a BIG SPIN,” the lottery says.

Players who get a Big Spin prize have an opportunity to try their luck at the NC Education Lottery wheel for a chance to win up to $500,000, officials say.

When Earp found out she could win the half-million dollar prize, she was in disbelief, according to the Lottery.

“Whenever I thought about the fact that I won, I’d say, ‘Thank you Jesus!’” the grandmother said in the release.

She has eight grandkids and plans to use the money to help out family, she said in a video interview after her win.

Earp, who is a caregiver, will get $247,518 after taxes, the lottery says.

Lottery officials say ticket sales for its games help raise money to benefit education.

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