North Carolina

Elizabeth Warren had tea and grits at this Raleigh coffee shop after campaign rally

Elizabeth Warren, a leading Democratic hopeful for the presidential election, stopped for breakfast at a well-known coffee shop in Raleigh on Friday morning.

Warren ate grits and drank tea at The Morning Times on East Hargett Street downtown, the cafe posted Friday morning on Twitter.

A photo shows her sipping from a coffee mug while sitting at a table inside the shop.

“What a wonderful person and so kind to all of our guests,” owner Greg Hatem wrote in an emailed statement. “Who knew she likes grits?”

The Democratic Massachusetts senator and presidential hopeful was in town Thursday for a campaign rally at Broughton High School. There, she spoke about an “ambitious progressive agenda” to an audience of more than 3,500.

Warren isn’t the first political figure to stop at a locally owned business in Raleigh.

In May 2008, Barack Obama visited The Raleigh Times bar during a visit to North Carolina as part of his presidential campaign.

He opted for something stronger than hot tea: Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. (And he reportedly tipped the bartender $18.)

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