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S.C. mother of newborn found in trash bin is in police custody

A woman left a newborn baby girl who was found alive in a Socastee, S.C., dumpster.
A woman left a newborn baby girl who was found alive in a Socastee, S.C., dumpster. HORRY COUNTY POLICE

The mother of a newborn girl found in a dumpster Thursday surrendered to police after she recognized herself in photos released by Horry County police, Lt. Raul Denis said Friday morning.

The woman is in custody pending formal charges being filed against her for leaving the baby in a dumpster in Socastee, he said.

“She actually turned herself in yesterday about 8:30 [p.m.] after seeing pictures of herself in the news,” Denis said.

The woman will be charged sometime Friday and Denis said he was not sure what exactly she would be charged with.

“As soon as that’s done I’ll be able to say this is her charges and this is her identity,” Denis said.

South Carolina has Daniel’s Law, which allows someone to turn in an newborn baby less than 30 days old to a police or fire station or hospital without prosecution or questions asked of them, Denis said.

This is the first case of an abandoned newborn in Horry County since Baby Boy Horry was found dead Dec. 4, 2008, in a bag by utility workers in the area of S.C. 544, Denis said.

Baby Boy Horry’s case remains under investigation and it was the first such case in the area, officials said.

On Thursday, police were called about 2:30 p.m. to the 500 block of Fairway Village Drive after the girl, eight pounds, six ounces, was found by two young brothers who were throwing trash away at a dumpster there, Denis said.

“It’s extremely fortunate she was found. The baby was literally in trash bags in a dumpster. It’s a miracle she was able to breathe long enough to be found,” Denis said. “It was a blessing the kids were throwing away trash and cared enough to rescue her.”

It was unclear how detectives investigated the case and sought the woman’s identity.

The baby is in the custody of S.C. Department of Social Services and will remain there, Denis said.

“The baby is fine and healthy,” Denis said.

The woman did have another child, but details about that child were not immediately available.

Two brothers, one 19-years-old and one 13-years-old, found the baby while they were throwing out trash, according to their mother, Jessica Price, who called 911, WPDE reports.

Price said they heard crying coming from the trash container, and one of them went into the container and found the baby. They then told their mother who called police.

Price said the baby was found inside a bag with other trash and had its umbilical cord wrapped around its neck. She said she helped clean up the baby.

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