South Carolina

3 guys, a 16-foot boat and a 12-foot alligator in one SC lake. It was quite a ride

One of the men’s wives shared photos of the gator with local television stations.
One of the men’s wives shared photos of the gator with local television stations. Facebook

Three men were out spending the night at Lake Marion in South Carolina over the weekend when they found a 700-pound alligator, according to WLTX.

Brittany Barfield told TV station WCSC that her husband and two of his friends caught the 12-foot gator near Pack’s Landing on the northern end of the large lake in Sumter County.

Chris Barfield, Tripp Boney and David Ardis posed with the large alligator in photos sent to both of the television stations.

The men were in a 16-foot boat when, Ardis told WLTX, they found a spot in the lake with up to a dozen alligators. And once they got the gator, they were in for a ride on their 16-foot boat.

“Most people are fighting them for four or five hours and they don’t ever get them in or anything like that but luckily he wore himself out towing the boat around,” Ardis said, according to WLTX.

WLTX reports the men planned to split the meat and that Chris Barfield would mount the alligator in his home.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources estimates 100,000 alligators live in the state. The state’s short alligator hunting season runs from September 8 to October 13.

DNR has a lottery for alligator hunting permits each year. In 2017, DNR says, hunters in South Carolina took 351 alligators.

State officials issued a temporary ban on hunting for parts of South Carolina facing severe flooding after Hurricane Florence, but that ban does not apply to gator hunting.

Alligators are a common sight in parts of coastal South Carolina. With the recent hurricane and flooding, numerous photos and videos have shown alligators walking through neighborhoods or hunting in flood waters around suburban homes.