South Carolina

He won the lottery — in a dream. Then this South Carolina man got lucky in real life

A man who dreamed about winning the lottery received a “happy surprise” a few days later, South Carolina officials say.

Kenneth Burgess had a vision one night that he got a windfall from the Monopoly Jackpot game, the S.C. Education Lottery said Wednesday in a news release.

Then he got lucky in real life.

“This is my first big win and it’s a happy surprise,” Burgess said in the news release. “My family will now have a nest egg and we’re sure to have a great holiday season.”

Burgess was on his lunch break when he claimed his $25,910 prize, according to the S.C. Education Lottery.

“I’m so pumped right now, I’m not even hungry,” he said in the news release. “I’ll celebrate with some water and crackers later.”

The unexpected win came after Burgess, who often plays instant lottery games, got a Monopoly Jackpot ticket that didn’t win, according to the release.

In the game, “non-winning $10, $5, $2 and $1 Monopoly Jackpot instant tickets” are eligible for a “second-chance drawing,” the lottery says.

So, Burgess’ apparent misfortune gave him a spot in the Rolling Cash Jackpot, which had more than 1.7 million entries for Tuesday’s drawing, officials say.

After beating the odds, Burgess said he “can now finally fulfill another dream and invest in some land,” according to the lottery. He is from Goose Creek, about 20 miles northwest of Charleston.

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