Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “N.C. private school vouchers ruled unconstitutional” (Aug 22):

Our forefathers would have agreed with voucher ruling

Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood certainly made a good point of law when he ruled recently that the state’s plan to give some low-income families $4,200 to help pay private school tuition is unconstitutional. I feel our forefathers would have agreed with him.

My taxes should not go toward private schools but to public schools. If parents want their children in private schools, let them pay, but not with my taxes. Religious schools? What about separation of church and state?

Herb Joyner


Judge takes opportunity from students at ‘lousy’ schools

The purpose of the school voucher program is to give students from under-performing (lousy) schools who want to learn and excel the opportunity to do so at a good school. Now a liberal judge sees fit to overturn that legislation with a lot of bureaucratic gobbledegook, depriving those students of that educational opportunity.

And the Observer? They think that’s just great. Shame on the lot of you!

John Petrie

Fort Mill

In response to “Cold water on ice buckets” (Aug. 22):

Ice bucket challenge has additional benefits to consider

While Michael Hiltzik‘s reluctance to embrace the ice bucket challenge is valid, he has overlooked a few important points. Many young people are taking the challenge because of Facebook and Twitter; I would bet many of them have never paid attention to any charitable causes.

Secondly, although ALS affects a small amount of people, research done can also aid in preventions or cures for other neuro-muscular diseases.

Jana Stuckey

Sherrills Ford

In response to “Officer’s rules are precisely why they’re feared” (Aug. 22 Forum):

Police officers give directives so everyone stays safe

Being a police officer is an increasingly dangerous job. When cops are shot over things as simple as traffic stops, I don’t blame them for being cautious. The directives they give are for their safety as well as the detained.

Cops with authority problems do exist. The proper way to address this violation of rights is by submitting a complaint to a citizens review board, Internal Affairs, or by filing a lawsuit – NOT by being non-compliant or argumentative.

Hunter Boggs


In response to “Charlotte to study pay as you throw” (Aug. 21):

Charlotte should reverse garbage pick-up cycle

We regularly fill our recycling roll out can faster than our garbage can. We have often commented that recycling should be picked up every week, and garbage every other week.

If the recycling can is full, people will throw recyclables in their garbage.

Why not reverse the pick up schedule and see what happens. If the city wants to encourage more recycling, their every two week pick up schedule sends the opposite message.

Joanne Butterfield


Missionaries got it wrong about how they survived Ebola

What great news that modern medicine cured the two Ebola-infected missionaries! According to reports, each attributed their survival to God. If so, then what’s God have against all those the Ebola virus killed? The point being, science saves lives, not religious belief.

Jason Huber


Why are people upset over presidents taking time off?

What’s all the fuss if the president takes some time off? When George W. Bush was in the White House over his eight years he took four times as much time off as President Obama. Maybe the reason for that was the stress was too much for him, and he needed that extra time away from Dick Cheney.

Robert Prowler


Cyclists, please let us walkers know you’re behind us

Along with many others, I enjoy walking the beautiful Four Mile Creek Greenway at Piper Glen. On the negative, however, is the fact that most of the cyclists fail to adhere to the rule of giving audible warning when approaching from the rear.

If any of those cyclists read this letter, enjoy the ride but follow the warning rule for courtesy and safety.

Harvey S. Barer