Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

Offer incentives to boost attendance

Where are the incentives to visit the Hall of Fame? Out-of-town NASCAR fans would rather have an enema than venture into central-city Charlotte.

Regular admission is $19.95, plus expensive parking. Free parking should be offered with a ticket.

Fans should also be included in the induction process. Let those who visit vote on a list of eligible candidates.

It would encourage visitors from different parts of the country to come and would aid attendance.

The NASCAR Hall and CRVA need to get to work.

Henry Thompson


In response to “Police seek $7M for body cameras” (Jan. 13):

Body cameras will reveal when officers treated disrespectfully

I sympathize with the brave men and women of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department who may soon have to wear body cameras.

Now their every move may be taped. Wait, that could be a good thing because we’ll see exactly how some “law-abiding citizens” treat officers who are just doing their jobs.

Mike Metz


In response to “Battle says Davis is trying to undermine him” (Jan. 14):

Battle’s reaction confirms need for further investigation

I have enjoyed the privilege of working with Eric Davis on any number of public and faith-related issues, including sensitive personnel matters.

Every time, I have found him to maintain unwavering commitment to fair process and honest disclosure.

In addition, his humility and respect for all persons involved has contributed to reconciliation in times of conflict and the well-being of employees.

To suggest that his motives are untoward, or his actions personally directed, is misunderstanding at best and obfuscation at worst.

The general counsel’s reaction simply confirms Mr. Davis’ point: Further outside investigation is needed immediately.

Robert W. Henderson


In response to “Why I tried to refuse chemo” (Jan. 14 Viewpoint):

Fight for your life, there are many great moments ahead

The writer is an RN.

Cassandra, you have one of the most treatable forms of cancer and you’re willing to chuck your young life because your “quality of life” may be less than what you want for a few months?

My cousin had Hodgkin’s in his 20s. He survived to become an attorney, state senator, get married and adopt four children.

My sister was diagnosed in her late 50s. She’ll soon celebrate her 72nd birthday.

I’m an 8-year breast cancer survivor who underwent extremely potent chemotherapy.

I lost every hair on my body, but it grew back. It wasn’t fun, but it was bearable.

Quit whining and fight for your life. Trust me, 20 years from now you’ll be glad you did.

Amy Keith


In response to “Take from rich, give to the poor?” (Jan. 13 Editorial) and related articles:

N.C. GOP tax plan bewildering, as is Rucho’s support of it

Interesting that the GOP in Raleigh thinks it’s OK to steal tax dollars from wealthy counties and distribute to poor ones when they can’t see to do that when it applies to actual people.

With the majority of state representatives from rural counties, it’s easy to see why they’d vote for it. Why is it Sen. Bob Rucho thinks it’s a good idea, too?

Why can’t we get rid of him and others who do everything they possibly can to not serve the people who, for whatever crazy reason, continue to vote them into office?

L.B. Pope

Mint Hill

Conservatives two-faced

in latest response to France

When George W. Bush and Dick Cheney lied us into the Iraq war and the French did not want to get involved, all of a sudden the French were no good! French Fries became Freedom Fries and so on.

Now, when President Obama didn’t march, conservatives cry like he disrespected a country we have loved uninterrupted for centuries!

It’s just to make him look bad.

Conservatives can’t stand that he saved the U.S. from financial ruin. Not bad for a Muslim-Socialist-anti-Colonialist who is bad for jobs and the economy!

Eddie Simelton