Kevin Siers

America can’t afford to help refugees

Trump is right to deny immigrants

In response to “Trump blocks refugees, Charlotte knows needs” (Sept. 19 Opinion):

This country has always received more than its share of refugees. It is crucial to fully understand that we can’t accept every individual who aspires to come! While our own poor struggle to survive, immigration advocates clamor for more, failing to understand the impact.

The middle class, always the backbone of this country, can no longer support higher immigration. President Trump was absolutely right when he lowered immigration quotas. Americans who have always possessed a big heart should demand that these refugees be helped in their own country.

Frank Harrington, Charlotte

We shouldn’t attack this abused woman

In response to “Where’s the proof against Kavanaugh?” (Sept. 19 Forum):

Contrary to Sheila Evans’s claim that Kavanaugh’s accuser waited until the last minute to bring her accusations to light, she came forward last July before Kavanaugh even received the nomination. She saw that his name was on the short list and contacted her congresswoman to voice her concern. She wanted to remain anonymous but wanted this known to the proper people and was willing to tell her story.

In my mind, Kavanaugh’s accuser is credible. She voiced her concerns before the nomination, had told her therapist and husband years earlier in 2012 (as documented), and passed a lie detector test. As to why she wished to remain anonymous? Sheila Evans’s letter says it all. Attacks on her integrity and worse are being hurled at her.

Diana Travis, Charlotte

Don’t believe such old accusations

In response to “Uber driver suing Bucs’ QB Winston over groping incident” (Sept. 19):

An Uber driver is suing Jameis Winston for groping her. It occurred in March, she reported it immediately to Uber, and it was investigated by the NFL. The NFL agreed with the lady, who had no apparent ax to grind.

Compare that to the accusation against Judge Kavanaugh. The accuser is a known and vocal protester of President Trump and she pulls out a story that she said happened three decades ago. Since she said it has all happened, though, we are expected to deny all other circumstances, or lack thereof, and blindly believe her? That is incredible. Do you recognize the difference?

Bill Wallace, Charlotte

Prepare for future disasters people

After each disaster, we always hear of people who refused to leave their homes for one reason or another, mainly financial, pets or property. This means that government and other organizations must spend valuable time and dollars to help rescue those who ignored calls to evacuate. They put in danger not only their own lives but the lives of good-hearted rescuers.

There will be disasters in the future and the time to prepare is now. The fewer people who need emergency help, the more money we will have to rebuild our infrastructure so that we can lessen the impact of any disaster.

I thank all the brave heroes who left the safety and comfort of their homes to help their unfortunate neighbors with honesty, fairness and truthfulness.

James Muldrow, Colombia SC

Don’t dishonor our heroes, Mr. Tepper

In response to “David Tepper: It’s ‘dead wrong’ to accuse protesting NFL players of being unpatriotic” (Sept. 14):

David Tepper may be financially successful but he’s not politically astute.

Try selling your opinion on NWFL (Never Watch Football League) anthem kneelers to the military men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Better yet, since they can’t hear your drivel, try selling it to those whose bodies and minds are damaged and crippled but survived wars and will never be able to live a fully functional and normal life again.

Even the ones who can’t stand physically stand taller in their hearts and minds than any and every pro football anthem kneeler.

Rickie Mendoza, Concord

Animals were hurt by Florence as well

Everyone is rightfully concerned about all the dogs and cats who have suffered because of Hurricane Florence, including many who were simply left behind to die. But many other animals, including chickens, turkeys and pigs have also been left to suffer and die.

Farmed animals are treated as commodities, but they are living beings who don’t want to die in a flood or in a slaughterhouse any more than we would.

No one can reverse the damage that’s already been done, but we can all spare animals by choosing tasty vegan meals.

Heather Moore, Norfolk VA