Kevin Siers

The Buzz 11.06.15

Sen. Rucho retiring? My abscess is cured!

McCrory-Keith exposé was like a Cheshire Cat – by the end it had no legs.

For someone convinced the media is out to get him, McCrory is making it painfully easy.

Dems won all at-large seats – until Raleigh decides to change it like they did in Wake County.

Dear George Dunlap: No means no.

From now on someone’s electoral predictions will be considered a “long shot.”

So from now on GOP debates will be held in Fantasyland?

Republican debate hall must be below 67 degrees. Finally concerned with warming environment!

Bernie-dee: Democratic Socialist. Hil’ry-dum: Socialistic Democrat.

Decisive, fair, quick action. Matt Kenseth for president!

Trump on SNL? Makes sense – he’s more of a comedian than a politician.

When the going gets tough, the CEOs ask for bigger parachutes.