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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 11.11.15

Jane Pasquini
Jane Pasquini

A mall tree? We’ve got bigger issues

In response to “Attention, shoppers: It’s just a tree” (Nov. 10):

Theoden Janes wrote so humorously and articulately exactly what I’d been thinking about the SouthPark Christmas tree and red Starbucks cups.

Are these anywhere near as important as hunger, poverty, education, health, our earth, or even the true spirit of Christmas?

Couldn’t we have kept the new interactive glacier and added a Christmas tree? Seems like a waste of energy to me.

Jane Pasquini, Charlotte

Liberals chipping away at my values

You miss the whole point about the Christmas tree at the mall.

It was just another step in chipping away at the values that made us what we are.

To say that people who care about it are indifferent to other important social issues is an affront.

Progressive left-wing liberals want this country to continue on its path to total political correctness and secularism.

Kim Thomas Purcell, Mooresville

Mizzou outcome sets a bad precedent

In response to “How Mo. football team took down university leaders” (Nov. 10):

The situation at Mizzou is a problem of priorities.

An institution of higher education has allowed the football team to determine their president.

Administration failed – chasing money and majesty over academia.

The impact of what happened at Mizzou will be far-reaching. The precedent has been set.

Athletic programs now hold the power in the university system and athletes are controlling executive decisions.

Traci Cockerham, Charlotte

Media scrutiny of Carson is warranted

No Dr. Ben Carson, you really aren’t experiencing an “unprecedented” level of scrutiny.

To think such is either naive or disingenuous.

You are applying for the job of President of the United States. There is much we need to know about you, a political “outsider,” before we can feel comfortable choosing you to be commander-in-chief of this great nation.

Contrary to your assertion that the purpose of the vetting process is to “distract the populace,” its purpose is to expose character and temperament flaws that could prove calamitous for us all.

Sharon Smith, Conover

GOP should be out front on home rule

We read complaints about state interference with many local policies, but no talk about what makes these possible.

Thirty states currently have “home rule” constitutions that protect many local taxing, spending and regulatory decisions from veto in the state capitol.

Decentralizing government has long been a core principle of the Republican party. So why is this option not even on the table today?

Daniel Hoffman, Charlotte

Librarians critical for CMS reading success

In response to “Are librarians going the way of the milkman?” (Nov. 8):

The writer is chairman of the N.C. School Library Media Association Advocacy Committee.

I would encourage the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools parents with students at the 31 schools now deprived of their literacy and research expert to stand alongside Ruby Jones and question this practice.

There is no greater divider of people than their ability to access, read and comprehend information.

The CMS children will suffer now and long term, as research clearly shows that schools with a certified media coordinator have higher reading comprehension scores because they are provided quality materials, engaged in meaningful research, and taught daily the importance of literacy by a MLS instructor.

Kimberly Collette, Kinston

Cam was right to take banner down

In response to “Packers fan cries foul after Newton snatches banner” (Nov. 10) and related articles:

Green Bay fan Mike Dobs is wrong.

Hanging an opposing team’s banner in our stadium is an insult to the Panther fans and players.

I applaud Cam for tearing it down.

I beg the Panther organization to not apologize for this or reimburse Dobs.

Do not reward bad behavior or diminish the output of Panther Pride that Cam exhibited.

Kimberly Hendrix, Concord