Kevin Siers

The Buzz 11.12.15

I always suspected, but now I know: Football is in charge of the universities.

Student reassignment... Been there, done that.

Let’s get those anti-glacier people working on the toll lane project.

With global warming, that glacier wouldn’t have been around long anyway.

We care more about glaciers in the mall than glaciers in the arctic.

The Ben Carson paradox: exceptional intelligence, incredible ignorance.

Perhaps Dr. Carson excelled in biochemistry, but he clearly skipped world history.

Charlotte’s doughnut scene? We’re talking grease, sugar, flour, right?

Looking forward to this Starbucks boycott. Shorter lines for me!

Cut taxes, not tax increases.

Cam sure is having a “banner” year.

Hey Cam, “Green Signs Matter.”

Superhero Cam thought he had to rescue the stadium from bad ol’ Cheeseheads.