Kevin Siers

The Buzz 12.10.15

Nothing says “community foundation” like a movie theater, hotel, restaurant, bar and spa.

Dr. Frankenstein, your monster has awakened. His name is Trump.

“What difference does it make at this point” whether Tashfeen radicalized Syed?

A third Middle East war led by a third Bush president? Nooooooo.

All those who support a march toward war: Please go to the front of the line.

Buying a gun is so easy even a terrorist can do it.

Giving presents to each other on someone else’s birthday makes a lot of cents.

If the U.S economy is a car, it’s still on idle.

In seven years Obama hasn’t fixed the flats or filled the tank.

Whitewater a success! Let’s cut our losses and close the Hall of Shame.

Chipotle stock up, customers down.

Panthers found out “The Big Easy” wasn’t.

Showboat and Riverboat finally winning me.