Kevin Siers

The Buzz 05.13.16

If Obama wants to tour devastation, why not start with his own?

One thing leaves Trump speechless: his tax returns.

The guy with small hands is grabbing most of the votes.

Welcome to the Republican convention, check your integrity at the door.

Flush the N.C. GOPee!

Gov. Pat, American hero.

Gov. Pat – the edukation governor.

DOJ: Dispensing Obama’s Judgments

Judging by Buzzers’ plumbing fixations, Freud was right.

If I identify as Stephen Curry can I get an MVP?

Get Quentin Tarantino to “Kill House Bill 2.”

Didja hear about the New South? It’s old again!

I think global warming has scorched liberal brains.

Medicare for all, paid for by the few.

So there’s a Krispy Kreme in Saudi Arabia, but not one in University City?