How to get a free sticker today

It takes minutes to feel good about yourself by voting today.
It takes minutes to feel good about yourself by voting today. jsiner@charlotteobserver.com

Somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 Charlotte voters will decide Tuesday who will be the Democratic nominee for mayor – and likely the city’s mayor for the next two years.

Dan Clodfelter and Jennifer Roberts square off in a second primary after Roberts did not get enough votes to win outright last month. The winner will be a solid favorite over Republican Edwin Peacock in November.

Last week, we recommended Clodfelter. The current mayor has a deeper understanding of the issues the city faces and a vision to address them. He earned the respect of both parties during his 15 years as a leading state senator, and would do the same in Charlotte.

As a moderate progressive, he would be a stronger candidate for Democrats against Peacock. Roberts’ more liberal views might make Peacock a more attractive candidate to some centrists. Clodfelter also maintains relationships with state legislators, an increasingly important fact as North Carolina’s General Assembly meddles in local affairs.

Roberts hesitated to be a forceful leader as the county commissioners’ chairman and has been less specific than Clodfelter on policy issues in this campaign.

It’s shameful that 95 or so percent of eligible voters won’t bother to exercise a fundamental right that people in other countries treasure or are denied. Take the few minutes it requires and vote Tuesday.