Letters to the Editor

The Observer Forum

In response to “Those who deny economic upswing are digging themselves a hole” (Feb. 16 Forum):

On Obamanomics you may see blue sky, but I see dollar signs

Forum writer Jerry Walden says Obamanomics and Obamacare are working, and he admonishes conservatives for “digging and ranting” against these policies and programs.

I suggest he tell ranting conservatives just where President Obama intends to find the dollars to pay for his great “blue-sky” programs instead of “charging” them to our children and grandchildren.

Be careful not to mistake pie-in-the-sky for blue sky!

Todd Dunnagan


U.S. firepower far exceeds anything ISIS could muster

Let us put the war on ISIS in perspective. ISIS can put six men who shoot $1 bullets in a $30,000 pickup, and go to war.

The United States puts one man in a $31 million plane flying from a $1 billion aircraft carrier shooting million-dollar missiles to go to war.

Who do you think will win this war?

Lamar Burke

Mint Hill

Obama’s strategy against radical Islam misguided, naive

Prior to World War II, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain thought that rather than fighting Adolph Hitler and the Nazis, he could appease them.

That assessment was a total failure and World War II began soon after.

In that same vein, as President Obama dawdles with attempting a strategy of containment against radical Islam, while not doing anything tangible to stop it, I feel that he too is misguided and naive.

What worries me much more now, than then, are nuclear weapons – and what will happen if those head-chopping fanatics ever get their hands on them.

Barry Marshall


In response to For the Record “More lanes aren’t the best answer for North Carolina” (Feb. 15):

Don’t build Monroe Bypass; spend on other road needs

The writer is manager of Medical Advocates for Healthy Air.

Building the proposed Monroe Bypass/Connector toll road would be a real travesty for locals.

It would not relieve congestion due to its toll structure. It would destroy important agricultural economies, clear-cut forests that help clean the air, and potentially leave U.S. 74 without maintenance funding.

Not building the toll road would save all that and return over $900 million to the transportation budget at a time when we need it most.

We could invest those funds to fix existing roads first and make transportation to our regional urban centers safer and more productive.

Terry Lansdell


In response to “Overworked teachers shouldn’t also have to also teach kids discipline” (Feb. 16 Forum):

Teachers, administrators fear lawsuits; try body cameras

As a former teacher, I mostly agree that student discipline should “be the responsibility of parents.” But those who should provide structure at home are often the ones lining up with lawsuits the second their “sweet innocents” first meet discipline.

Consequently, our schools operate out of fear.

If we do not soon replace this fear with authority in our schools, what then? No discipline at home and no discipline at school either?

So here’s an idea: Provide our teachers with body cameras. Then go to court and see who prevails in the majority of cases.

Anna M. Martin


In response to “Waddell principal to retire” (Feb. 16):

Olshausen deserves Long Leaf Pine award for tireless efforts

The writer is a Waddell Language Academy parent.

Thanks to Ynez Olshausen’s pioneering spirit, along with the tremendous contributions of Waddell Language Academy staff and teachers, our children will be better prepared to handle global challenges – and opportunities.

Under Mrs. Olshausen’s leadership every child had the same opportunity as others, irrespective of socioeconomic status. This is no small accomplishment.

Ynez Olshausen deserves the Order of the Long Leaf Pine.

Sean Gautam


In response to “Little League sent the right message in taking away title” (Feb. 17 Forum):

I see a larger lesson all could learn from Little League case

I agree with Forum writer Ed Garland that the title had to be stripped from the Little League “cheaters,” and with Scott Fowler that it isn’t fair for the children to pay for the cheating of adults.

Here’s the lesson I hope the children and others take from this: Gerrymandering in any context is wrong!

Deb Park