Letters to the Editor

The Observer Forum

In response to “Moore raises staff salaries” (Feb. 17):

Moore is just the tip of the iceberg

Our elected officials have used their power to establish for each, his/her own bloated nonprofit corporation funded by taxpayers!

Why does N.C. Speaker Tim Moore need a staff of 12, with salaries totaling almost a million?

Too often, friends and relatives livelihoods/careers are dependent on the official staying in office. Little wonder that becomes the No. 1 objective, often to the detriment of the taxpayers. It isn’t just Democrats – all are guilty! Term limits may be the only answer.

Don Reid


In response to “Pittenger: Obama our ‘Neville Chamberlain’ (Feb. 18):

Pittenger trying to grab headlines, obscure the truth

Congressman Robert Pittenger is attempting to usurp history and twist context in order to obscure truth.

The current issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program or its military ambitions are a far cry from that of 1930s Nazi Germany.

Pittenger is engaging in hyperbole to galvanize his base support and make headlines.

This is a disservice to the American people and grants undeserved gravitas to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Kim Allman


Next president should be a military man with a strategy

Anyone with common sense can see that as a nation we are at war with radical Muslims and this war can last a long time.

Progressives can propose all the feel-good programs they want to combat these killers, but the ultimate answer is destruction of the movement.

As a result we should elect as the next president a military man who can develop a strategy that will be effective, yet understands that we do not want nation-building.

Retired Gen. Jack Keane comes to mind.

Elton Shoemaker


In response to “Why I flipped on school choice” (Feb. 12 Viewpoint):

Seeking school choice? Look within public system first

My daughter also attended a large public high school, which is very respected and offers quality education. But classes were too large and she was not enjoying school or being challenged.

My husband and I can afford private school, but my daughter wanted to remain in public school.

We found another public school, within the system, that met her needs. She is in smaller classes (15 students vs. 35) and is being challenged. She has met students of all ethnicities and skill levels, a condition private schools often do not offer.

Yes, there should be choices, but these choices can stem from the public school system.

Holley Hamilton


In response to “Targeting others in our own ignorance” (Feb. 18 Viewpoint):

Hicks did not need ideological reason to shoot the 3 students

Would Craig Stephen Hicks have shot Viewpoint writer Glenda E. Gilmore over a parking dispute at their apartment complex? She says no, but I think he probably would have.

People like Hicks do not need ideological, racial or even rational excuses for just being that mean.

Gilmore is attempting to attach a reason to an unreasonable act.

L.C. Coonse

Granite Falls

In response to “It’s getting harder to swallow these lunches” (Feb. 17 Viewpoint):

Improved nutrition aids ability to learn, and that’s the goal

We don’t expect our children to be fed an educational diet of comic books while in school, so why would we expect them to get unhealthy food in the cafeteria?

Many schools have been successful in serving healthy options that students accept – and even enjoy – and we should learn from those examples.

While we may disagree with some of the details, we should laud attempts to improve the nutrition of our children, not only lessening their risk for obesity and chronic disease, but improving their ability to learn.

Jessica Schorr Saxe


Mail should’ve been delivered Tuesday; I didn’t get mine

Monday was Presidents Day and the Post Office was closed. Tuesday there was ice in the morning, but main roads were passable later and some of us still didn’t get mail. What happened to “Neither snow nor rain nor heat... ”?

Henri Rumph