Letters to the Editor

The Observer Forum

As I prepare taxes I see growing inequities

As a volunteer tax preparer for the elderly, vision impaired, and mid- and low-income taxpayers, I am seeing a significant increase in their N.C. income tax burden.

That’s in addition to the sales tax increase this population has already experienced.

It seems unfair that those least able are paying a relatively large percentage of their income to lighten the tax load for taxpayers who could more easily carry it.

As compassionate people, we should insist the legislature implement some adjustments to make the system more equitable for those least able to shoulder the tax load.

Charles Klapheke


In response to “Moore is just the tip of the iceberg” (Feb. 18 Forum):

Heed Reid’s wake-up call; public must stand up and be heard on term limits

Now that Don Reid, a former participant in the political arena, has finally come to the conclusion that “term limits may be the only answer,” that should be our wake-up call.

He has the guts to finally address the real reason our government is so dysfunctional. The real test of political/personal courage would be for current politicians to do the same – but don’t hold your breath!

Meanwhile, all concerned citizens should be demanding and demonstrating for that change.

Term limits are the only answer!

Charles A. Newton


In response to “United Way hits its $21.6 million goal” (Feb. 20):

Kudos United Way, now invest those donations for maximum impact

Congratulations to the United Way for reaching its fund-raising goal this year.

While that is a success worth celebrating, it is only the beginning of a difficult process.

The more difficult challenge for them is how to invest those donations in order to produce the maximum impact in the community.

Focusing on permanently changing lives, systems and procedures would be a great place to start. Funding prevention programs would be advisable too.

Will Miller


In response to “VP Biden, Secretary Foxx push transportation plan” (Feb. 20):

To improve U.S. transportation, build separate interstate for cars only

My message for U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx:

The old interstate system was built under President Dwight Eisenhower.

It is obsolete for our new smaller, lighter cars and should be devoted to tractor-trailer traffic.

They deserve their own roadways and we deserve a break from white-knuckle driving in rain, snow and fog, either passing or being passed by these monsters.

Many jobs could be created by building a separate interstate system for today’s smaller, lighter cars. Lives would be saved and businesses along the routes would benefit as well.

John Battaglia


Ground troops needed to defeat ISIS, and U.S. troops must be in the mix

Believing that we can defeat ISIS without a fighting force on the ground is delusional.

Similarly delusional is the belief that these ground troops should be from any country except the United States.

By definition, warfare entails casualties and loss of life. It’s absurd to imply that an American life is of greater value than that of any other human being. It isn’t.

Bernie Hargadon


There will be no White House win for a GOP that ignores middle class

The middle class is stagnating. Income inequality is empirical fact.

In the State of the Union the president proposed a number of initiatives designed to bolster the middle class. Speaker John Boehner’s harsh response: “These aren’t just the wrong policies, they’re the wrong priorities.”

The leadership of the Republican Party is on a fool’s errand if its strategy to win the White House involves ignoring the plight of the middle class.

Dan Laurent