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Steven P. Nesbit
Steven P. Nesbit

In response to “Another official’s posting scrutinized” (Feb. 21):

City of Charlotte should rethink its social media stance for employees

The City of Charlotte fired fire department employee Crystal Eschert for speech deemed offensive (a very questionable conclusion). Now Jeff Dulin, a senior fire department employee, may face the same fate. Do we want a world in which every utterance of every city employee will be scrutinized by the Thought Police to determine if it is “offensive?” Certainly not. It’s time for the city to admit it made a mistake and abolish its unwise and unworkable policy.

If City Manager Ron Carlee won’t do it, City Council should act. Allow city employees to say what they want on their own time. It is entirely consistent with the principle of individual liberty under which this country was founded.

Steven P. Nesbit


In response to “LGBT proposal stirring tensions” (Feb. 20):

City officials should say no to transgender bathroom plan

If I may ask a question that should be obvious to everyone – if the person is anatomically a man, and goes into the men’s restroom, how is anybody to know how he “feels” and why would he feel threatened?

While I have no idea what Democrats do in the restrooms, men I know enter, take care of business as rapidly as possible, wash their hands and exit. They do not stand around discussing how they feel nor do they spend time peeking at each other!

John E. Lane


President deserves our support, just as Bush did

As commander-in-chief, President Obama has the responsibility to protect the Constitution, defend American interests abroad, and ensure the safety of the men and women serving in the U.S. military.

As American citizens, we should not criticize the president’s actions for purely political purposes. We should support the president’s domestic agenda, as well as his foreign policy actions, in order to show our nation’s enemies that we stand firm behind the commander-in-chief.

Isn’t that what conservative Republicans demanded when George W. Bush was president?

Michael A. Clark


In response to “Eggs, coffee OK but avoid sugary soda” (Feb. 20):

Time to reduce our intake of meat and dairy products

The U.S. Advisory Panel on Dietary Guidelines has finally mustered the courage to recommend that Americans eat less meat and dairy products.

Though the experts have now told the truth, our family’s health is still up to us. Fortunately, local supermarkets offer a variety of meat and dairy-free options and the Internet has lots of advice on vegan recipes and transition tips.

Clive Linden


In response to “Woman’s killing is officer’s 2nd fatality” (Feb. 20):

Placement of story on shooting unfair to officer

This huge headline and the past history of this officer on the front page has pretty much planted a guilty sign right across his forehead. Whether he was right or wrong should be decided without this biased presentation on the front page of your newspaper.

Barbara De Mase


In response to “A shortfall of candor in Raleigh” (Feb. 21 Opinion):

Republicans can’t be trusted to safeguard N.C. coastline

It doesn’t instill much confidence to think that a state legislature full of right wing ideologues such as Rep. Paul Stam, who apparently don’t believe in facts, fiscal or scientific, are allowed to play Russian roulette with our pristine coast line.

They make the tired claim that drilling off the N.C. coast will be a huge job creator. All it takes is one spill, and it’s not a matter of if, but when it happens.

Ron Brendle