Letters to the Editor

Work together to make Obamacare better

Vicki Taylor
Vicki Taylor

Obamacare: Fix it, don’t scrap the good

In response to “What my patients say about Obamacare” (Oct. 27 Opinion):

Otolaryngologist Fritz Butehorn describes difficulties some of his patients encounter with health insurance policies purchased through the Affordable Care Act exchange.

He lays the blame on Obamacare.

He fails to mention the most important part: Without Obamacare most of those patients could not afford insurance and would have no health care at all.

Let’s work together to make it better – insurance companies, Congress, state legislatures, doctors, and citizens – for all of us.

Vicki Taylor, Troutman

Obamacare was awful legislation

After reading “5 things to know about Obamacare hikes” (Oct. 27 Observer Editorial), I had to chuckle when the Kevin Siers’ cartoon right under it was a drawing of lipstick on a pig.

Good job Editorial Board, but look just below that to find some of the truths about this awful piece of legislation.

This president has dismantled our healthcare system to the point of no return. Next step, single-payer government run health care.

Sort of like what you get with the VA, I’d imagine.

Jennie West, Charlotte

Don’t let Trump hand reins back to insurers

Just a reminder, insurance companies raised the rates, not Obamacare! They are the same insurance companies Donald Trump wants back in charge of your health care insurance decisions.

Remember coverage limits, existing condition exclusions, and some clerk with a three-ring binder telling your doctor what he/she could do?

I know firsthand because when I shopped for insurance after my wife had cancer the insurance companies ran like dogs and wouldn’t even give me a quote.

Despite all their patient-centric advertising, it’s really just about the stockholders.

Terry Keith, Charlotte

Trump’s errors pale next to the Clintons’

In response to “Email describes payments for Bill Clinton” (Oct. 27) and related articles:

Needless to say, the Clintons do not have a monopoly on corruption or doing things that are for their own benefit.

However, it now seems they have topped that list.

Donald Trump has done some outrageous things, but they pale as compared to the Clintons’ outright disregard for the American public in pursuit of their own, not our, interests.

The Observer should revoke its endorsement.

Kim Purcell, Mooresville

Send a message to Dems and GOP

If you are totally disgusted with the current political situation at the local, state and national level, place the blame on those currently in office.

Regardless of party give a newcomer the opportunity to make a difference, rather than maintain the status quo.

Do not vote for a single incumbent. Let the parties know we are tired of multiple-term politicians.

Ed Carlson, Charlotte

Trade practices must benefit U.S. workers

In response to “Dismayed by all this anti-trade sentiment” (Oct. 26 Forum):

I agree that global trade opens new markets for American exports and enables us to produce and buy products at a lower cost.

However, this benefit has caused unemployment and hardship for thousands of American workers.

Corporations that export jobs or operate overseas should be required to fund assistance programs for displaced American workers. This should include severance, outplacement, retraining, and income assistance.

Free trade must be fair to all.

Joseph J. Salerno, Charlotte

Pedestrians risk their lives in Charlotte

I took an hour walk Thursday morning in the Queen City – and returned home alive.

Five cars challenged my right to use the crosswalk with a walk light, and they all won. Two more missed me because I jumped back onto the sidewalk.

A taxi whiffed my rear because I saw him coming and ran to the curb.

Pedestrians have become “free-fire zone targets” in Charlotte. Perhaps carrying a toreador’s cape and a baseball bat might even the odds a little.

Jesse Craven, Charlotte