Letters to the Editor

He may be narcissistic, boorish, but I’m counting on Trump’s business acumen

Here’s why I picked Trump over Clinton

I voted Thursday for the boorish narcissistic businessman from NYC in the hope his business acumen may restore sanity to the excesses of government in Washington.

I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she represents the establishment and everything that is wrong with it.

I believe anyone other than Clinton would have been indicted for activities at the Clinton Foundation or security breaches in the email scandal.

To paraphrase our president when he spoke about Obamacare: “If you like the government you have, you can keep the government you have.”

Dominic Pliskowski, Denver, N.C.

Medicare for all would be wise move

In response to “Obamacare was awful legislation” (Oct. 28 Forum):

Forum writer Jennie West says “Next step, single-payer government run health care.”

Well if that’s true, don’t be too hasty to criticize.

Medicare is exactly that, and it’s affordable, hassle-free, and I choose my doctors. You’ll be an enthusiastic fan when you’re eligible.

Might be useful to close your ears to the raucous propaganda telling you otherwise.

Harry Taylor, Charlotte

Small businesses like mine hurt by ACA

In response to “5 things to know about Obamacare hikes” (Oct. 27 Observer Editorial):

I am co-owner of a small business in Charlotte. Due to shrinking options caused by Obamacare our rates went up 20 percent last year and our renewal this year for the same plan is a 35 percent increase.

As a small business, there is no way we can absorb that cost.

We have always offered health insurance to our employees. Now we face tough choices on how we manage this cost going forward.

The current model is not sustainable for companies our size and is a major problem for small businesses in Charlotte and across the country.

Scott McQueen, Charlotte

Wrong to let sick and elderly live in fear

Obamacare rates inevitably will increase because it covers people who actually need it.

Our president wanted a single-payer system which would cover everyone, just as many other countries have had for decades.

In this “great country of ours” old people live in constant fear, not only of sickness, but of the financial devastation illness can cause. Only the selfish would deny care for the sick and elderly.

Chris Jackson, Matthews

I’m glad companies are refusing to come

In response to “Charlotte loses 730 jobs to Richmond over HB2” (Oct. 26):

I hope more companies like Paypal and CoStar Group decide not to come to Charlotte.

Our infrastructure can’t handle any more people. The schools and roads are so overcrowded.

Why do we want to become another Atlanta?

Have you driven around town this past year? Everywhere you turn we are building apartments, houses, shopping centers.

By the way, that same drive around town now takes twice as long.

Walt David, Waxhaw

UNC, stop trying to appear above board

In response to “Harsh words between UNC, NCAA signal new phase of scandal” (Oct. 27):

Many things cannot pass through the eye of a needle: a book of poetry, a battleship, a Cadillac Escalade, a Top Ten football team at a formerly respectable public ivy.

UNC football is still trying to appear above board.

Just stop it, already. There is no new aspect of scandal. It’s old business. Old, foul, risible business.

Steve Craig, Charlotte

Larson’s column brought tears, joy

One doesn’t have to be a Cubs fan or even like baseball to appreciate Keith Larson’s inspiring article about the Chicago Cubs and the undying love between a father and son. (“Yes, Tom, there is crying in baseball,” Oct. 26 Opinion)

My son took his son to his first Cubs game at Wrigley Field when he was only 11 days old.

I sent him Keith’s column and suggested he give it to his son when he reaches adulthood, along with a few pictures of them at Wrigley.

Thanks, Keith!

John Perugini, Waxhaw