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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 02.26.15

Benita Blocker
Benita Blocker

In response to Our View “Start over on Facebook firings” (Feb. 22 Editorial) and related articles:

Carlee’s zero-tolerance policy on comments is impressive

City Manager Ron Carlee did well to fire Crystal Eschert, who to me seems quick to label blacks as worthless thugs.

As far as Bruce Jenner goes, he is a public figure. Tabloid talk goes with the territory.

The Observer should leave Carlee alone. I’m impressed with his zero-tolerance for insensitive public comments.

Benita Blocker


Firing is too severe a penalty; treat Eschert, Dulin equally

The postings by Crystal Eschert and Jeff Dulin were equally inappropriate, and have a portion of the community questioning whether they will be impartial and non-discriminatory in performing their duties.

Firing both seems too severe a penalty. I agree with the Observer alternative of a public apology, training and perhaps suspension.

Mr. Dulin has issued a public statement accepting responsibility and offering apology.

If he is permitted to keep his job, then Ms. Eschert should be given the same opportunity to publicly accept responsibility and apologize.

Once she accepts the same sanctions given Mr. Dulin, she should be reinstated to her position.

Pat LaRocca


In response to “City officials should say no to transgender bathroom plan” (Feb. 24 Forum):

Council should vote yes on transgender bathroom plan

The writer is a retired psychologist.

Forum writer John E. Lane, like many others, needs a little educating. Transgender people are those who identify with a gender other than the sex they were assigned at birth.

A transgender woman will be dressed like a woman. She will go into a stall in a woman’s bathroom, just as women do.

In the men’s room, she will not use a urinal like a man. If she is forced to enter a man’s bathroom she takes the risk of being mocked, or worse, assaulted by a homophobic male.

It is much safer for all of us if a trans person can use the bathroom of her/his choice.

The City Council needs to support the nondiscrimination ordinance.

Lenore Jones Deutsch


City leaders must not let small minority group intimidate them

It is incredible that City Council is even considering a vote on an ordinance that would take away privacy in public restrooms.

How many transgender people will benefit from this action versus women who will refuse to go in a public restroom for fear of who might be in there?

This is another instance where a small minority is intimidating elected officials. Hopefully there will be enough City Council members who will show courage and reject this silliness.

Elton Shoemaker


Sharing bathrooms is the normin some countries, situations

Anyone concerned about sharing a bathroom with someone of the opposite sex has obviously never visited certain foreign countries, nor spent a weekend on a sailboat.

William Wortman Jr.