Letters to the Editor

Sen. Burr is just doing what the U.S. Constitution allows

Burr is exercising a Constitutional right

In response to “Burr puts bull’s-eye on Constitution” (Nov. 2 Observer Editorial):

Your editorial takes Sen. Richard Burr to task for threatening to block every Clinton Supreme Court nominee for the next four years.

Implicit in Article II, Section 2 of our Constitution is the option of the Senate not to consent.

That is just what Sen. Burr is doing – choosing not to consent, as specifically permitted by our Constitution.

Sam Sanford, Matthews

Burr is undermining democratic process

So Sen. Richard Burr plans to stonewall any nominations to the Supreme Court if Hillary Clinton is elected.

He is undermining our democratic process by refusing to fulfill his duties and responsibilities as a U.S. Senator, as specified in our Constitution.

All the more reason to “recall” him at the polls on Nov. 8.

Cheryl Milam, Huntersville

Focus should be on Russian hacking

Wake up, America! This election is being stolen, but not by the Democrats.

We have a situation where a real crime has been committed – the hacking of emails – versus a possible crime. Yet, everyone is up in arms about the possible crime.

A Russian leader once suggested Russia could take over the U.S. without a fight. It’s time we look at what is really going on.

Linda Walker, Taylorsville

After Tuesday, time to push for progress

Only a few days until we know who our next president will be. Half of us will have the one we want, the other half will be livid at their loss.

I implore winners and losers to think first as Americans, second as a winner or loser. Our mindset as citizens should be to convince our new batch of politicians to find a way to get things done.

We as a nation are fed up with the last 16 years of stagnation and partisan politics. As the man says, “Fellas, git er done.”

Murray Coulter, Charlotte

Ban on female priests anachronistic

In response to “Women will never be priests, Pope Francis says” (Nov. 1):

To say that a ban on female priests must remain in effect for all time because Jesus chose only men as his apostles, would seem to support a ban on blacks and Asians as well.

There were quite a few folks not present at the Last Supper (some of them were busy preparing the meal and cleaning the dishes).

With female rabbis and ministers presiding over so many flocks, how can the Pope honestly believe that maleness is a BFOQ (bona fide occupational qualification) for priesthood in the Catholic Church?

In 2016, maleness seems to be a BFOQ for sperm donor. Period.

Amy Lefkof, Charlotte

Wanted more from the HB2 Forum

After attending the Observer’s HB2 forum Wednesday night, I was disappointed at the scope of discussion.

The primary topic was bathroom usage. Other than a brief chart at the beginning of the program, we did not hear how HB2 fully impacted the lives of LGBT individuals by discriminating in other areas.

The most educational moment was Flip Benham’s outburst. Thank you for showing us what the face of hate looks like.

Bill Sturgeon, Charlotte

Medicaid decision hurts all in N.C.

Karen Garloch’s article on Medicaid expansion highlights an issue all North Carolinians need to embrace. (“223 ER visits in 15 months? Time to change the system,” Oct. 24)

The lack of Medicaid expansion is an expense liability that need not be.

We leave $2 billion in federal funding on the table annually by not expanding and we bear the cost – hundreds of millions – in our own state budget. Citizens buying private insurance have to pay more.

If the numbers alone aren’t compelling, consider the toll on the health of our uninsured citizens. This issue affects us all, but most keenly the “poorest of the poor.”

Chris William, Charlotte

Keep kids safe, build us more bike lanes

As two 12-year-olds who bike to school every day, we feel very strongly about bike safety.

We are forced to ride on the sidewalk. We could, technically, ride on the street but we would be uncomfortably close to the curb in order to avoid cars.

We’d like to bike downtown with our families but there aren’t enough bike lanes and there are too many pedestrians to ride on the sidewalk.

Charlotte needs more bike lanes – and soon.

Mia Platt and

Heidi Ruckterstuhl, Charlotte